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For lo, the winter is past…

…Although the rain is definitely not over and gone!  The snow is, though, and for that I am thankful.  Our last few snows were quite late this year, though… the last snow was a full month ago (as were these pictures!)

I was pretty sick of the whole slushy winter thing when I picked out this outfit, so I went with bright colors in hopes of warding off the last of the winter doldrums.  The suit was a bit of a squish, but I’ve been getting more active and getting back on top of my eating habits (darn you winter and your coldness) so hopefully I’ll be able to wear it a few more times this spring and a little more comfortably before it gets too warm.


Pink 1950s close hat: Modern Millie
Bright green 1950s suit with soutache detailing: Sweet Bee Finds
Pink and green rhinestone brooch and earring set: Gifts from Allison
Opaque white-people-nude dance tights: Capezio
Green Chelsea Crew lace-up pumps: Modern Millie
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