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Moving right along

Well, the blog migration is… In progress. I’m going to be working on it in bits and chunks, I think… Better to have an incomplete website where I’ll actually post than to wait until everything is perfect and avoid posting because things are in transition! So excuse the dust, I’ll get everything sorted out soon.

In the meantime, I’ve got a bit of photo backlog to get through since I was rather remiss in my blogging while I was in class all the time! I wasn’t able to leave the house much, but when I did I of course made a beeline for the vintage shops, where I found this fun 1940s day dress. It checks off all the boxes – easy fit, favorite colors, sparkly buttons…

This dress was probably for someone slightly heavier and slightly shorter than me, but I like it goshdarnit, so I’ve paired it with a teal belt to disguise the awkwardness at the waist. I think this would look even better with a wider belt, but I’m terrible at finding those – the “one size fits most” elasticized wide belts are usually slightly too loose on my natural waist and end up looking bulky instead of slimming. If anyone has good belt resources, I’m all ears!

In addition to the fun details, another selling point for this dress was that it matched perfectly with a little 40s tilt hat I already had! Now I just need to come up with proper navy shoes to round out the look…

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