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Pretty in Pink (…and purple)

We talked a little bit about classes of hats here on the blog the other week, and after posting it I promptly found another excellent hat. I think this one makes it into the capital-H “Hat” category on colors alone. It’s not particularly towering, but it sure has an impact!

I’m sure that 10-year-old me, who was not much of a girly girl, would be absolutely appalled by this hat. Present-day me, who is slowly coming around to things like the color pink, absolutely could not resist the outrageous combination of purple base and hot pink feathers. I was a little concerned I’d have nothing to wear it with, but happily this raspberry-colored rayon crepe dress is just about a perfect match.

I am still trying to figure out what else goes with this hat… I don’t have a lot of pink and purple garments in my closet, clearly that’s something I should fix. What would you wear with this hat? Do you have any favorite accessories that match nothing in your closet?

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