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A Dress for a Diva

One reproduction brand I’ve wanted to try for quite a while is Trashy Diva. They make some really phenomenal prints and some really lovely vintage-appropriate cuts, but their dresses are also phenomenally expensive. A few bloggers I’ve been reading for a while have Trashy Diva dresses, including Emma of The Fiercest Liliputian and Carli of Konadlicious / Vintage Musings of a Modern Pinup and I’ve been hoping I could give the brand a try myself. I don’t love all their prints and styles, but a few (including those incredible and impossible-to-find Sci-Fi Rockets) are right at the top of my wishlist.

The Steel Magnolias collection is another one of my favorites, as it features a few of my favorite colors. Green and grey are always winners in my book, and the pops of chartreuse and pink are perfect for a mid-century look.

Fortunately, I stumbled on an opportunity to pick up one of these fantastic dresses second-hand. After going back and forth with the seller for a bit (narrow skirts and my hips usually aren’t great friends) I decided to cross my fingers and hope it fit. And it does!!

It’s been terribly hot and humid here so far this summer, so this dress is just perfect for the weather. The “poodle” hairdo is another summer favorite — piling all of my hair right on the top of my head does a lot to keep my neck cool. I also made myself a nice little fizzy refreshing drink to stay cool while we took these pictures.

We picked up some rhubarb syrup at IKEA the last time we went out there, so I used some of that in place of sugar in a mojito for a twist. It was quite refreshing!

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