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June Showers

I know that April showers bring May flowers, but I’m not entirely sure what June showers are supposed to bring. July vegetables, I hope! I’m all for warmer weather, of course, and all for rain, but the combination of the two does make dressing and doing one’s hair a bit of a challenge!

It rained on and off all morning the Sunday we took these pictures. My parents were in town to visit, so we all headed out for a morning latte, and then went to Doug’s church service for a bit of music since my choir season is over until fall. The pictures happened post-latte and post church, so even though I had hairsprayed my curls within an inch of their lives before we left home, the curls were losing their bounce by noon.

I knew we had a long day planned (church was followed by lunch out and then a trip to the New England Aquarium!) so I planned my outfit with comfort in mind. The dress was a gift from Doug, I found it while browsing Etsy between blocks of class time and he decided to get it for me as a sort of encouragement present, to mark the completion of yet another unit of study. It ticks off all the favorite color boxes, and the green is a great match for my little green 1940s tilt hat. I love the hat dearly, but it matches almost nothing I own, so I’m glad it has a new companion!

Since my green shoes are probably the most comfortable all-day option I own, I decided they would be a close enough match. I added a belt in a medium green as well to try to tie it all together.

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