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A Silly Hat in Salem

Last time we talked about this hat I was complaining about having nothing to wear with it. I was determined find another excuse to wear it when we headed out to Salem the other weekend on a grey and overcast day.

I figured that as long as my hat shared at least one color in common with the rest of my ensemble, that would be good enough! Bold raspberry or fuchsia pink shades are a common accent in 1940s clothing, so I used that as my unifying color.

Clearly, what I need are some nice 1940s-style pumps in royal purple to help tie the look together… for the moment, black shoes will have to do! I’m also out of solid black pumps, so I’m wearing these strappy sandals (hey, it’s summer, I’m allowed!) until I find a nice pair to buy. I’m holding out for Royal Vintage releasing their inaugural line…

I really don’t wear this dress as often as I ought to… I don’t know, in my mind I had somehow categorized it into the “1940s dresses are a pain to put on” pile, even though it has plenty of buttons and can be worn without doing extreme contortions to get it on and off. Warm weather goals: wear more of my ’40s stuff instead of just letting it languish in the drawer because it’s too fancy.


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