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Happy 4th!

Hello hello! I hope my American readers and a pleasant 4th of July and my Canadian readers had a good Canada Day! Now that we’ve kicked the season off with explosions and grilling, summer must really be here! Of course, as I type this post it is (once again) pouring rain… I’m not sure I will ever quite get used to “Up North” summers.

This weekend, though, when it was edging in on 90 and incredibly warm and humid, we went out for an expedition to visit the Mass Audubon Habitat Wildlife Sanctuary in Belmont.

I wasn’t sure that we’d be doing anything for the 4th, so I dressed up in some of my silliest red, white, and blue attire for the outing. I made the blouse last summer out of a novelty fabric remnant I found at the thrift store, but I’m not sure that I got the chance to photograph it properly… it doesn’t go with a lot of things that I own, and the western print seems somewhat out of place in New England!

It was okay that I was a bit overdressed for walking, since Habitat is a very well-manicured Audubon sanctuary! We had fun looking around the formal gardens, but the highlight by far was the turtle pond. As advertised, we saw quite a few turtles… and we also got to watch and listen to a couple of bullfrogs fighting over a small patch of water, which was pretty comical.

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