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I’ve changed my wardrobe a little in the past three years… living in a different state means that I had to make a few adjustments — more coats, for starters. But, to paraphrase a well known phrase, you can take the girl out of California but you can’t take the California out of the girl! So even though I’m living in New England, I still entertain my southwestern styles every now and then.

I admit that I do feel a bit out of place in peasant blouses or patio skirts, but loose airy garments are actually a great way to beat the sticky summer humidity! And I even found this fun skirt with all of its heavy trim and “made in Arizona” label in a Massachusetts antiques shop… so clearly I’m not the only one who has tried to wear western styles out here in the east!

I don’t own a lot of the iconic southwestern Mexican or Navajo jewelry, so I decided to go with the biggest silver earrings I own, which happen to feature rather striking figural teapots. Since my day-to-day is proudly sponsored by caffeinated beverages, it seemed like an appropriate touch.

This outfit was also a good excuse to wear my Miss L Fire shoes, a purchase inspired by the one and only Atomic Redhead who always styles them so wonderfully with her southwestern outfits. I love the extra pop of color they provide… plus, they’re incredibly comfortable!

And since I knew the weather would be not only hot but also incredibly humid and a hair style wouldn’t last for more than a few minutes, I cheated and just threw a fancy-ish scarf and a big flower right on top of my pin curls. Done!

How do you beat the summer heat?



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