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A Beachy Beach Trip

The weather has finally gotten toooo hot, and so this weekend we finally went to the beach! These pictures are not from our latest outing, though… I’ve been holding on to them since I went to the beach last month with my parents before summer season (and summer nasty biting flies!) was in full force.

Since my skin tone is squarely between “fair” and “parchment”, I wanted to make sure I wasn’t burned to a crisp by the end of our outing. I opted to wear a shirt with longer sleeves to keep the sun off my shoulders and back, and this pretty lightweight blouse (the top half of a patio set) fit the bill just perfectly.

Petal pink isn’t my top choice where colors are concerned, but the fantastic blue and silver trim on this set really makes up for it! I haven’t actually worn the whole set out yet… I’ll have to do that on a cooler day this summer.

I kept the bottom half of my outfit strictly modern so I didn’t have to worry about dipping my toes (and ankles, and knees) in the surf. I’m always a big fan of these ridiculous Crocs sandals for vintage summertime casual, and I’m rather miffed to see that the style appears to be discontinued! I’ll have to hope I don’t wear them out too quickly…

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