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I See a Seahorse

I discovered the Australian brand Erstwilder back in 2014 and have been slowly adding pieces to my costume jewelry collection ever since. Their pieces were on the steep end for me as a student and are still on the expensive side for me to justify purchasing, but they bring me a lot of joy and I wear them frequently, so every now and then I get one as a treat.

I missed out on a lot of really good designs by being late to the party (I’m looking at you, entire Egyptology-themed collection) and I missed out on some more good ones by not having the spending money on hand when they were released. I was poking around online a few weeks ago and managed to find one of the “brooches that got away”, a little pink seahorse resting on a piece of blue coral.

It’s a perfect match for one of my other modern wish list items that I’ve managed to find in recent weeks, so I was very pleased that I was able to track it down.


I had pin curls in and wanted to make the most of my opportunity to look at least somewhat presentable, so I opted for this bright raspberry-hued 1940s rayon crepe dress. I normally wear it a little more “dressed up” with hat and gloves, but it works pretty well “dressed down” too, I think.

By the way, I had a heck of a time with the color balance in these photos… it turns out that a blue wall and a pink dress make for some very interesting white balance problems.

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