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Science Fiction: Advance 7757

I know, it’s been rather quiet on the sewing front around here lately! I’ve been spending more time working and as my closet gets more complete (and since right now I’m actually lacking a physical closet to store my clothing) I find that I have less desire to sew.

This spring, though, I found myself with a few spare hours to put together, a strong desire to just make something, and some really delightful science-themed novelty print fabric.

I’d been hoping to make another one of these faux-Swirl dresses since I wear my first one quite a bit. I was initially hoping to find some sort of breakfast or coffee themed novelty print since the dress basically serves as a glorified bathrobe many mornings, but it seemed like the best pattern that I had on hand for this silly science fabric, so the choice was made.

Now I know I said I made this early this spring… well, when I bought the fabric I knew I wanted a coordinating solid color to make the belt, and for whatever reason I didn’t just buy the quarter yard of solid cotton then while I was thinking about it… no, I finished the whole dang dress and let it languish for a good couple months before I got around to going back to the fabric store!

Last time I made this, I left off the pockets. I knew I wanted pockets this time, and after a bit of dithering over whether to come up with a different pocket pattern or just go with the flow I decided to just use the giant comical kangaroo pockets that the pattern called for. I think the pockets make the pattern look a little more apron-y, and since they’re designed to puff out a little I decided it was best to go ahead and edge them in a couple rows of rick-rack so people would know they were intentional. On the plus side, this means that I can carry pretty much everything I need in my pockets and I don’t need to carry a purse!

It’s an incredibly satisfying pattern to make, the whole thing comes together really quickly due to the simple construction: it’s really just two fronts and two backs, darted and seamed, with a few nicely shaped facings! This does make it a bit of a fabric hog on a pattern with a nap (like this one) and I may have cheated the grainlines just a smidge to get it to all fit.

There are also ample opportunities for embellishing, so I decided to go with orange rick-rack to edge the collar. I was thinking of using more colors, but in the end simplicity won out.

I’m really glad I took another stab at this dress pattern, and I just love the science print fabric. I think I’ll be wearing this a lot over the summer and into the fall with cardigans. I still want my kitchen-themed day dress, but this will do for now!

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