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By Silver Lake

I suppose that technically we’re just past the dog days of summer, and I’m hoping that the weather got the memo! It’s been meltingly hot these past few weeks, and humid too!

My 40s peasant blouse has been in heavy rotation, naturally. I’ve contemplated making another one, but what color would I choose? It seems like white is really the only sensible choice for the hottest days of summer, and I don’t really need two white peasant blouses…

We snapped these pictures on an evening walk in a nearby park. I’ve been trying to keep at least sort of active even though the weather is oppressive, so most days Doug and I go out walking first thing in the morning. I tend to overheat when I try to exercise, and I’m pretty miserable running when it’s approaching 80° and humid… walking at least gets me moving in the morning and it’s better than nothing!

We must’ve gotten rained out in the morning when we took these pictures, though! I don’t often get out in the evenings these days due to work, which is a shame…. the afternoon light in the summer is so pretty.

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