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Red Hat Club

Two weekends ago, Doug and I spent Saturday and Sunday stuffed into a small lecture hall with about a hundred other people for the required Catholic wedding prep classes. It wasn’t exactly the most exciting way to spend a weekend, but at least it got us out of the house and gave me an excuse to get properly dressed for a change.

I posted Saturday’s outfit a few days ago. For Sunday I knew I wanted to wear another hat and something relatively comfortable for sitting all day. I decided to add the cherry brooch and a black belt to break up the red and purple theme a bit. I admit that wearing purple with red always makes me feel a little Red Hat Society… Fortunately, nobody made any comments about my color choices while I was out and about.

We stopped to take these pictures and grab a latte bright and early Sunday morning. We looked very out of place at Ride Studio Cafe, which also sells cycling gear, but they had delicious almond milk cortados and we badly needed the caffeine.

I realized as I was going over these photos for this post that this ensemble is a good example of budget vintage — vintage style doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive! In fact, most of the components of this outfit cost about as much as my fancy latte. The feather hat and the cherry brooch were both fantastic $5 finds, the earrings were probably similar, the shoes were hiding at a local Goodwill and might have cost $8, and the dress, which is obviously the most expensive part of the ensemble, was also from a secondhand shop and couldn’t have run me more than $20. So good affordable vintage is out there! It just takes a little hunting.

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