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Two if by Sea

Whoo… it’s been quite a week. I have some other posts to share with you, and a new finished sewing project, but my brain is completely fried so right now you’re getting a picture of an outfit I wore a couple weekends back and a little babbling… you’re all here for the pretty pictures, right?

Doug and I went out for lunch and to look around shops, so I took my newest deep sea coral dress out for a whirl. I think the Trashy Diva 1940s dress is probably the most wearable style I’ve tried so far in this print, and I like that it gives me an excuse to wear this silly little navy 1940s tilt hat.

These large nautical… uh… sculptures? Objects? Things with bells on? (If anyone knows what these actually are, please leave a comment, I’m so curious!) Anyway, these thingamabobs seemed like a great photo-op for an ocean-themed outfit, so I ran over and snapped a few pictures with them.

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