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On Repeat

I often feel a lot of pressure as a blogger (real or imagined? I don’t know…) to avoid repeating dresses or outfits on the blog. I feel like as a good blogger I should always try to show something “new”, and often I avoid wearing favorite outfits on multiple outings because I’ve already photographed them for the blog.

Which is to say… this is a repeat. I’ve worn this dress before here, and I even paired it with the same hat! Horrors. I did manage to swap out the belt, shoes, and earrings at least!

So I guess this makes me a bad blogger or something, but I must say, I like this hat with this dress, and I’m absolutely sure I’ll be wearing them together again. Will I take pictures for the blog? Maybe, maybe not…

Obviously, I’m not a person with a huge closet (heck, right now I don’t even have a closet) and I certainly don’t have the budget or desire to wear something new weekly. I definitely play favorites with my clothes, and while sometimes I mix things up I often turn to tried-and-true combos.

What are your thoughts on repeats on a (vintage) fashion blog? What keeps outfits interesting?

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