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Prepare for Liftoff

Time has just been flying by for me lately, although in way it also feels like it’s standing still! I started to sit down to write this post and thought “You know, for how busy I’ve been, I’ve really been keeping up with the blog! I just did a post a few days ago…” Um, no. If by a “few days” I meant more than 10, maybe! So time is clearly whizzing by, even if I feel like I’m barely moving.

To celebrate this new quick pace, I’m wearing my newly acquired Trashy Diva Sci-Fi Rockets bolero. The Sci-Fi Rockets print is pretty much my favorite print from Trashy Diva to date, and definitely my favorite space-themed novelty print. I missed it when it was originally released (I was too poor and student-y) and I’ve been stalking it ever since. When my friend Sara told me she’d be willing to part with her bolero I jumped on the opportunity immediately!

I’m still holding out for a chance to purchase one of the dresses some day, but I’m thrilled to have this piece in my collection for now!

Plus, the print makes me feel like Ms. Frizzle, which is always a style I aspire to.

Hopefully things will calm down a bit in the near future, there’s only so long I can manage at full speed ahead, and I’m about ready to return to a slightly more sedate schedule!

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