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Battle Plaid

When Doug’s mom came to visit earlier this month, we took advantage of the nice weather and the opportunity to play tourist and took a trip out to Battle Road.

I don’t have a lot of outdoors-appropriate clothing, so getting dressed to go on a walk is always a bit of a challenge. Since we were making an outing of it, I didn’t want to just wear yoga pants, so I scrounged around and came up with this rather eclectic ensemble.

The focal points for the ensemble were my plaid Pendleton 49er knock-off, which I think is a great lightweight layer for fall and something about oversized plaid just says “outdoors” to me… I’d love to get my hands on another one, maybe in a red plaid? But I digress…

So, focal points. The second focal point was this fantastic and hilarious brooch I’d just picked up from Erstwilder. Technically he’s meant to be a Brahminy kite, but I think he makes a decent bald eagle if you squint… if only he had a white tail instead of a white belly, it’d be perfect! But he’s awfully cute, especially with a fish in his claws! He reminds me of the eagles we often see fishing at my grandparents’ house in the summer, so I was very pleased to add him to my collection.

We didn’t end up doing a ton of walking, we mostly drove from spot to spot and did a bit of leg stretching and reading of informational plaques. So I wasn’t terribly overdressed, all things considered.

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