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Feather in Your Cap

Hello hello! I generally avoid mixing real life and vintage on the blog here, at least in detail, but it seems proper to let you know that I just survived day one at my new job, and I’ll be getting into the groove of that work/life balance over the next few weeks! To be honest, it probably won’t make a big difference to the blog, except that I might buy more shoes and post slightly more regularly since I’ll be leaving the house dressed like a real person a bit more often. Working from home did have its perks…

Today’s ensemble (which is actually from a few weeks back because I’m hoarding pictures) was designed pretty much entirely around coming up with an excuse to wear this hat. I’ve been looking for an orange or yellow feathered hat for a while (goal: look like a cockatiel), and while this one is not entirely orange it was too silly and too cheap to pass up. I particularly like the long black feather poms that stick a good six inches out away from the base of the hat.

When I got the hat, it had some very sad and completely shattered veiling attached to it, so I took that off… who knows, if I get ambitious some day and make a big order of vintage millinery supplies to do hat maintenance it may get re-veiled. I think it works pretty well as-is, although it is rather silly.

And I am quite partial to a good silly hat. Although I’m not sure that I can get away with wearing one to work.


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