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Rainy Days

As much as I like the decreased humidity of autumn, it does come with its fair share of rainy days. I just happen to own the perfect novelty print dress for soggy weather, though, and since I do love a good thematic outfit it isn’t all bad.

I let this dress sit in my Etsy favorites for a good long while before deciding to buy it because it was a bit as-is, and I’ve been slowly working on fixing it up. The worst of the issues are a few stains on the back of the skirt, and I finally gave it a good long soak to see if those would come out. Washing did lighten them considerably, but the largest one is still visible. Since the discoloration is centered on a seam, I’m hoping I can just take it in by a half inch and hide the flaw entirely.

After washing, I realized that the dress probably would benefit from a good ironing. The fabric wrinkles fairly easily, and it had a weird springy feel that one does not usually associate with woven fabrics. Sure enough, one aggressive ironing later (avoiding the persistent stain, naturally) the dress was smooth, shiny, and a good several inches longer. Seriously. I’ve photographed it for the blog before here, and you can see that both the waist and skirt hit much lower now!


Of course, rainy weather also gives me an excuse to wear my vintage overshoes. Sure, they’re rather silly, but I do love them for commuting and general jumping in puddles with impunity.

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