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Wandering in the Woods

Happy November! It’s amazing how quickly this year has gone. The weather is starting to dip below freezing and the fall colors are at their brightest blaze.

Of course, I managed to take these pictures in an evergreen grove where there is no fall color to be found. In my defense, I had no idea that Minute Man park would be so busy at noon on a Friday, and I had quite a bit of trouble finding a place to park my tripod to get pictures.

I’m also a bit out of practice with the tripod selfie (especially with my new 85mm lens… I think the next tripod outing will need to be done with a shorter lens) and so I had some trouble getting myself properly in the frame. It’s okay though, there will be more opportunities for this outfit to be photographed. I was really pleased with this combination, but I forgot to bring my gloves along and my new hat (which I am SO happy with!) will need some repair work in the near future. So I have every intention of wearing and photographing it again when I have all the pieces in place.

A follow-up note on my review of these shoes… after wearing them a few times and having trouble with the heel strap siding off, I punched an extra hole in the strap. That was apparently all the fix I needed, as the straps stay put perfectly now and it’s a lot more comfortable to wear and walk in these shoes with that adjustment! Now I think the only downside is that slingbacks are terrible for stealth… it’s almost impossible to tiptoe quietly around in them.

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