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Winter hasn’t quite kicked in yet, and we still haven’t had a real freeze yet this fall, but things are definitely starting to look a bit November-y. Sure, there’s still some lingering fall color, but we’re well on our way to drab and brown for a month or so until the snow decides to show up.

I haven’t been doing a great job at taking and posting pictures in a timely or organized manner, so I’ve still got a bit of fall in the backlog! And I’m not too terribly eager for winter to come, since it’s all I can do now to avoid spending all day hiding under a blanket and drinking tea.

These pictures are actually from the very beginning of the month, when I went out after work to hear Doug’s choir sing the Fauré requiem for All Souls Day. Somber colors for somber music.

I’ve really been enjoying wearing this plaid skirt I got from FabGabs in an instasale. I don’t wear a ton of brown, and I love how this combines rust brown with black and a sort of soft oatmeal greyish white. Good colors for November, I think.

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