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A Study in Sage

As the weather gets colder and soggier and the days get shorter (and shorter and shorter!), the whole photography part of blogging gets trickier. It’s a bit challenging to find a well-lit corner of the house to take pictures in, but with a little creativity a corner of the downstairs guest room/study works in a pinch. If I make a regular habit of this, though I’ll need to clean the bookshelf!

This sage green suit is a favorite of mine for the colder months, and I love how it looks paired with a rich brown, so I was looking forward to wearing it with my new Dolores pumps from Royal Vintage Shoes. Since I shortened the heel straps I’ve been wearing them quite a bit with my fall 40s looks. I feel like finishing an outfit with brown instead of black gives it a much softer look, which seems appropriate for muted-color times of year like fall and spring.

The other benefit of taking pictures indoors is that nobody is looking at you funny or walking into the frame when you’re about to take a picture… so I usually end up with more pictures (and more silly pictures) than if I were out in public! All that to say, there are a whooooole lot of pictures under the break.

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