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On the Wild Side

I was so pleased that it was time to bust out my new suit that I couldn’t just wear it once, I immediately had to come up with another way to style it for a trip into Salem.

I wanted to splash out and buy myself a “good job me for getting a job” present, and after much consideration and browsing the internet, I came across this properly absurd 1940s tilt hat right near the top of my acceptable hat price range and purchased it at once with no regret.

Leopard print has been a bit of an acquired taste for me, and I find that I really like it best small, subtle, and paired with deep jewel tones. The burgundy color of this suit fits the bill perfectly, and I think I’ll be trying to style it with emerald green and royal blue as well.

Since I like to mix my cheap and expensive tastes I was also pleased that the hat was such a good match with my Target kids’ section leopard print cardigan. I think I’m going to have fun coming up with ways to style this hat…

My trusty Royal Vintage Marilyns matched well and were super comfortable for trekking around Salem, too. I wasn’t exactly dressed for trying on clothes, but I guess wearing fancy things helps attract vintage, because I found another suit and a dress that I just had to have at Modern Millie, so you can expect to see another suit here soon!

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