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A Pencil Skirt Success

The last time I was in Salem, I stopped into Modern Millie and tried on a few things. One of those was this fantastic suit. I was hesitant to try it because it had a straight skirt, and that usually spells the end of a relationship between me and a suit, but the price was good and the cut was interesting.

To my great surprise, I was able to put the suit on and zip the skirt. I couldn’t really move, and I was positive I wouldn’t be able to sit down, but the jacket fit like a dream and when I took the skirt off, I discovered that it had a solid 4 inches of fabric hidden in the hem and nearly an inch of seam allowance in every seam. Heartened by this discovery, I took my find over to the register. At home, I unpicked the hem and carefully let out every seam from the hip down. I was thrilled to find that my small alteration took the suit from impossibly tight to just perfect!

You’ll have to pardon my rather ruffled appearance in all these photos, the wind was blowing a gale which made keeping my hair and hat in place a losing battle, but at least with my new suit I didn’t have to worry about battling my skirt too!

This suit is the best sort of plush, warm wool and I am sure I’ll be wearing it more for the rest of the winter and spring. I opted to pair it with chartreuse and my goes-with-nothing bird hat, but black is such a wardrobe staple that I’m sure I’ll find a few other color combos that work.

And a note for the historically inclined, that big yellow mansion in the background of these pictures was George Washington’s headquarters during the Siege of Boston. It’s a national historic site now, and it’s pretty cool to see and walk by a piece of history from the American Revolution on a regular basis. Some day I’ll have to actually take the tour inside.

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