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Well, I don’t know where the time went, but the holidays are just around the corner. I’ve been taking every opportunity to dress up in fancy clothes and look festive, since the holiday season doesn’t last forever.

I do love all the sparkly accessories that I get to wear for the holidays, especially these Miss L Fire Gabrielle pumps that I got last holiday season from Royal Vintage Shoes. Miss L Fire, if you’re listening, I’d like a pair of these in royal purple… can we make that happen?

One of my other favorite holiday accessories is this giant poinsettia clip that I made several winters back. It’s really slightly too large, and I should at some point make a smaller one, but if the holidays aren’t a time for overkill, then when is?

I took these photos at the beginning of the season, before we had wrapped all our presents and before the large mirror over the mantle decided to swan-dive off and crash on the floor in a very alarming way. It’s been replaced with a wreath for the holidays, but I suppose I should make some decisions soon about a longer-term replacement for it.

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