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Those Wintertime Blues

1940s vintage ensemble in blue and purple with a suit jacket and plaid Pendleton Turnabout skirt

I won’t lie… although I love cold weather and I love having four distinct seasons, sometimes winter can feel pretty drab. Everything is brown, the days are too short, and the sky is just grey. It can be a bit of a drag. And we keep just getting rain, not snow. Snow would at least make things pretty. Of course, January is really just the start of proper winter and as I type this we’re forecast to have several inches of real honest sticks-to-the-ground snow this afternoon… so perhaps next time I write I’ll be singing a different tune.

I always like to liven up my winter days (and, to be honest, most days) with a pop of color. Purple is a really good color for that in my book.

I picked up this purple suit on Etsy although I was concerned that the hips on the skirt wouldn’t fit. I was right, of course (they usually don’t) so I had to find a different skirt to wear with the jacket. Of course, as a result the jacket doesn’t fit quite as well as I might like either (big hip problems), but I’m willing to make a few compromises for royal purple and amazing details.

I’m never sure how to style purple, though… What goes with purple for winter? How do I make it into an outfit and not just a wall of purple? I tried taking some inspiration from this plaid skirt and pairing it with ice blue, which I think worked pretty well.

Now I just need to get some blue or purple shoes… My good ol’ standby Royal Vintage black pumps will have to do for now!

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