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Icy Blue for a Snowy Day

Well… we had a snowstorm. One icy blast of winter last Saturday that made everything look like a winter wonderland for a few days, but looking outside a week later you’d never know. Fortunately, I had a good excuse to get dressed and get out while things were still snowy and picturesque.

Cold days are a great excuse to pull out one of my favorite winter dresses. I’ve worn it a few times before and I’m sure this won’t be its last appearance this winter! It’s just so warm and fuzzy, and I can stick a long-sleeved thermal under it and nobody’s the wiser.

I also took the opportunity to wear one of my favorite tricky-to-style hats. I love everything about it except figuring out how to put it on my head! I had to go digging through the archives to see how I’d worn it before, and it looks like last time I popped the crown down for a more ’40s look. I’ll have to remember that trick next time around!

And, of course, snow days are a great excuse to wear my vintage overshoes! I even used them as advertised, on to tromp through the snow and off once I got inside. It can be tempting just to leave them on like real boots since they’re so warm and cozy, but if I was going to do that, I might as well wear, well, real boots.

Funny hat story, by the way: last time I wore this hat, I walked by a small child in a shop who stared at me and hid behind its mother. When I was in the next aisle, I heard the child ask, “Mommy, was she a pirate?” and had to try very hard not to laugh audibly. (Mom’s response, for the record, was “No sweetie, she’s not a pirate.”)

So now every time I wear this hat, in the back of my mind, it’s a pirate hat.

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