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The Princess and the Queen

We’ve finally gotten to the part of the winter where it has been cold for too long and this little Californian is starting to wonder if she will ever be able to leave the house with less than four layers on again.

Most of all, I miss the simplicity of being able to put on a dress and be done. These days it’s opaque tights, a thermal undershirt, perhaps a slip, a dress or separates, a sweater, and then a coat on over everything, which leaves me feeling a bit like a stuffed sausage. That’s probably why I attempted to channel a more springy look in this outfit I wore the other day… even though I had to wear a long-sleeved thermal shirt underneath my sheer gauzy blouse.

Besides, this coat always makes me feel a little like an evil queen (something about the pointy velvet collar perhaps) so it seemed fitting to pair it with my most princess-y printed skirt. Unfortunately, the snow we had when I last posted is long gone so we’ll have to go with the Drab Dismal Forest look rather than a fairytale snowscape for the background.

How are are you dealing with this drab time of year? I’m currently coping by wearing a blanket and window shopping for yellow things. I don’t even think I look very good in yellow, but it’s oppressively gloomy out and everybody has a breaking point…

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