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Snowy Valentine

I don’t have any actual Valentine’s Day pictures for you, because on Actual Valentine’s Day I was mostly feeling sorry for myself and wearing a full-body sweater as I tried to avoid coming in contact with more people than necessary. Yes, in true winter form I am sick and busy being a large baby about it and napping as much as possible.

Fortunately, I took some Valentine’s-y pictures earlier this month. I’m miffed that most of them turned out a bit blurry, but it was my first go at taking pictures with my new mini tripod so I suppose I can’t really expect perfection.

I feel like I ought to have more to say, but now everything is just melting into a fuzzy haze of cold medicine (see first paragraph, I am sick) and noting is really coming to mind. I hope you are staying warm and dry and not sick this lovely February!

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