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Last Hurrah of the Snow

I’m starting to think that the snow storm last week was the last hurrah of winter, and things are starting to turn towards spring. Of course, since I always seem to take pictures faster than I can post them, I’ll have to shuffle my pictures out of order a bit so that I can get all the ones that have snow in them out of the way first.

For example, these pictures were actually taken the looks at timestamp on pictures gosh, the 12th? Apparently I’m further behind on posting than I thought… honestly, I was sure I had chatted with you all just last week (which is true!) but anyway.

These pictures were taken two Sundays ago when we stopped at Minuteman on our way home for the sole purpose of frolicking in the snow and taking a few pictures to document the magical winter weather.

I picked my clothes 100% for coziness factor and 0% for photographability… apparently black on black doesn’t photograph well in the snow, whoda thunk. However, I do not regret my choices.The quilted velvet skirt I’m wearing is basically a respectable-looking blanket with a pocket, and for maximum cozy factor I paired it with a nice stretchy modern sweater and my American Duchess Victoria boots, which feel an awful lot like presentable bedroom slippers, plus I always get lots of compliments on them when I go out.

(Related: These are on sale right now because Lauren is discontinuing them… which makes me very sad especially since my size is already sold out! I do hope that some other sort of warm fuzzy boot is planned for the future…)

Of course, as of today the snow is just sad, dirty, rapidly melting ice piles… but hey, at least it was fun while it lasted!

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