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Space Cadet

One thing I do like about overcast days with snow-covered ground is that it makes excellent light for photography. Bright, soft, even light, no dark shadows to be found! It’s hard to get light that nice on a bright sunny day.

Today’s outfit is brought to you mostly by me wanting an excuse to wear this hat. I’ve been looking for an orange hat for a while (I like having all the colors, even if they aren’t all good colors for me…) and Doug was so taken with this absolutely absurd orange feathered creation that he got it for me for Christmas. I know, he’s a good guy… supports my hobbies and enables my hat habit.

I was having a hard time figuring out what to pair an orange hat with and then I realized that my novelty print felt spaceship dress had the perfect matching bright orange. Obnoxiously bright colors for the dull weather we’re having, warm and cozy felt to ward off the cold, and covered in spaceships to match thematically with NASA’s exoplanet announcement… clearly, a perfect combination.

I’m not totally sold on the green belt (I didn’t have an orange one or a matching one) but otherwise I’m pretty pleased with how this look came together. And look, another excuse to wear my fancy sparkly Miss L Fire shoes! I’m amazed that they’re such a good match with this dress.

So, what do you think? Do you like collecting clothes and accessories in every imaginable color or do you keep to a restrained collection of colors that suit you and go nicely together? And what would you wear with a bright orange hat?

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