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Winter Blues

Hi guys! I… um… it’s been a while? I wrote this post a bit back and then got distracted by things like being sick, work, and getting a new video game that caused my computer monitor to be abducted for the cause… so assume all times and dates in this post are a week or two old!

I worked from home all last week thanks to the very complicated process of moving from a desk on the 4th floor to a desk on the 3rd floor, and I figured this would be a good time pt continue with my series of outfits that match my collection of “You Are Here” mugs!

Today’s mug is my Niagara Falls mug, which I picked up (naturally) in Niagara falls on a road trip to Wisconsin. I’ve only gotten to see the falls from the American side, so someday I would love to cross over and have a look from the Canadian side… I’m sure the view is spectacular!

At present, though, I don’t have much in the way of spectacular views. Just cold weather (again), the last of the melting snow, and a nice cup of tea.

Since I was working from home, my main fashion priority was cozy, with a side of presentable. Thankfully, this pencil skirt I picked up last winter at Modern Millie ticks off all the boxes. Plus, giant hip pockets. It’s kind of wonderful.

I’m also wearing a (new) pair of trusty Crocs flats. I enjoy using crocs as my standing work shoes, since they’re nice and cushiony and provide pretty good support for prolonged standing. I find that the flats can get uncomfortably sweaty and rub a bit for walking, but for standing still they’re perfect. I really like the look of this pair (I think they’re the Lina style) but they’ve got some extra fabric-like insole which unfortunately is not quite as easy to clean as the classic all-crocs Croc.

So, that’s my week in a nutshell! Nothing too exciting going on, just standing around in comfy shoes and cozy clothing and waiting for spring.



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