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Confection in Pink

I swear I don’t know where the time has gone this year. I think “Oh, surely I just posted a few days ago, I’ll have another post up soon”, and then the month is only over and I’ve only posted once. Quite the mystery.

Anyway, continuing to work through the photo backlog not entirely in chronological order! I thought this would be a good outfit to share today as I’m planning on wearing the same hat to my church gig this morning!

The church I work at now doesn’t go the full nine yards with all the pageantry, but for special liturgical seasons I like to make an effort to have my hat match the vestments, just for fun. Mostly this means I wear purple during Lent and Advent and try to remember to get out my red hat for Pentecost. Now, there are two Sundays a year where the purple can optionally be pink (ahem, rose) and although most churches don’t have the vestments for it, I can at least wear a pink hat!

Anyway, today is one of those such Sundays (Laetare Sunday, named for the first word of the introit in the chant) and so I will be wearing this hat.

I was really rather pleased with how this ensemble came out, and I plan on wearing it again when it warms up a bit! It reminds me a bit of chocolate and raspberry, as a person who usually has food on the mind.

If I’d written this post yesterday, I’d be telling you how I was still on the hunt for the perfect pink 40s hat — although this one is lovely, it’s just a few shades too purple to go with most of the things I’d want it to, and I was hoping to find one without much black on it. However… I just stumbled upon exactly the hat I’ve been searching for, and it’s on its way to me!

I’ll still wear this one, of course, it goes with a few things even though it is an odd shade of magenta, but I’m really looking forward to getting the new one. Watch this space for more pink soon! …or, more pink by July anyway.

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