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A Ray of Sunshine

I’ve probably mentioned a time or three how yellow really isn’t my color. I’m not terribly sure about it in general, and I’m definitely suspicious of it in large amounts.

So naturally when SweetBeeFinds previewed this sunny yellow jersey dress on Instagram I immediately wanted to buy it… even though it is yellow, and a LOT of yellow. I think the perpetual dullness of winter is to blame… after months of brown and grey dead stuff with no snow even on the ground to pretty things up a person starts to want a little color!

As you can see, the one change I did make was to remove the linen and lace collar and cuffs from the dress. Don’t worry, they’ve been labeled and saved for the next owner, but on me they did the dress and my complexion no favors.

To cut down on the overwhelming yellowness, I paired the dress with black and used the opportunity to wear one of my prized new finds, an enormous lucite scimitar brooch. It just adds a certain je ne sais quoi to an outfit, don’t you think?

I have high hopes for things eventually warming up and being colorful again, but I’m not at all sorry that the perpetual grey drove me to add a yellow dress to my closet. I’ve actually wanted one for a while just so I could always have “The Morton Salt Girl” as an emergency costume party option… and in perfect 1950s squishy wool jersey? Even better!

Are there any colors you usually avoid? And do you actually avoid them, or do you make ways and excuses to wear them anyway, like I do?

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