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In My Sunday Best

Religion and politics are, naturally, things that a person tries to avoid discussing with strangers. And in a way, all of you lovely readers are strangers… at least, although you may know me (or the bits of a character of me that writes this blog), I certainly don’t know all of you. And I am always hesitant to write much about my church singing for fear of appearing dogmatic and offending half my readers or appearing mercenary and offending the other half.

I think though, religious affiliations or lack thereof aside, we can agree that in America there is a strong association between Easter and Big Hats. I still haven’t picked out my Easter bonnet at the time of writing this post, so I’m sharing the hat I wore last week, which I think is quite worthy of the occasion and which I would not hesitate to wear on Easter Sunday except that I wore it last week.

I wore almost the same ensemble for one of my Easter services last year, but the hat is just such a perfect match for this dress that I have a bit of trouble either piece with anything else!

And with that, I’m off to do a whole bunch of singing and eventually tuck into a very well-earned Easter brunch (we’re having this french toast and I’m so very excited). I hope you are having a lovely and food-filled Easter, Passover, or whatever springtime holidays you celebrate.

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