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Of Hats and Uncooperative Weather

Spring in New England is lovely, but the weather is rather… fickle. I’m eyeing the forecast for this weekend and ordering up a couple large umbrellas on Amazon Prime in case it decides to be torrential downpours. I’m REALLY hoping it doesn’t do that, but a 60% chance of rain and Murphy’s Law probably means it will!

These are pictures from much earlier in the spring on a rather windy day (as you might be able to tell by all my very strange faces and rumpled clothing) but I like the outfit and too much to skip sharing it just due to a little wind!

And speaking of wind, I did come into a bit of a windfall of hats this spring, including this one.If you’ve been kicking around the vintage blogging scene for a while, the hat I’m wearing in thees pictures might look familiar.

I was fortunate enough to be online at the right moment when Solanah of Vixen Vintage was selling some of her hats which she wasn’t wearing as often, and I snapped up this incredible green number I had admired and a few other really nifty ones… and then a couple weeks later I managed to buy my dream 40s shocking raspberry pink tilt hat from her! So watch this space for lots and lots of new hats, hopefully coming soon.

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