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All the Colors

I’ve started doing a monthlong vintage challenge on Instagram (#thevintagefashionchallenge) that consists of a series of prompts to share a bit about one’s vintage collection and inspiration. Today’s prompt is favorite color, so I thought I’d share this outfit on instagram and here on the blog.

I tend to say that my favorite color is all of them, but if pressed, I have a particular fondness for green, especially the really terrible shades. Purple is another longtime favorite, and I’ve recently become rather fond of aggressive raspberry pink.

When I started my new job, one of the things I decided to treat myself to a few pairs of Remix shoes, which have been on my wishlist for ages. Naturally, I went straight for the “avocado” color, a nice 40s chartreuse that I’d be hard-pressed to find from another brand.

I’ve also been itching to wear this 1940s suit in its entirety, but of course the skirt that actually went with the jacket did not fit (ah, hips…) but I had such success with my blue suit that I figured I’d try to find a more modern skirt to match. This one is not quite as good, but I think it’s good enough for now.

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