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Shocking Pink

Here I thought I’d be needing to apologize for unseasonal posts as I’m still catching up on sharing pictures from March, but unfortunately for me the weather (and accordingly, my outfit choices) hasn’t changed much! The main difference is that there are now some leaves on the trees to get in the way of the rain.

When it’s grey and miserable, of course, the only thing to do for it is to wear as many bright colors as possible. After a childhood of deeply disapproving of pink in all its forms, I’ve become incredibly fond of the particular shades of eye-searing magenta and raspberry that the 1940s was so fond of.

I’m on a quest to try all of the major vintage reproduction footwear brands, so when I found a pair of alarmingly pink shoes from Aris Allen on Amazon I knew that was my sign to give them a try. I’ll be doing a comprehensive round-up soon, but the short opinion is an overwhelming meh.To carry the pink theme through (and because it was too rainy for my pincurls to have any hope of drying) I decided to wear an equally pink scarf.

I followed @death_by_deco’s cat-ear turban tutorial and I think I mostly succeeded in putting together something presentable!

I quite enjoyed how this scarf worked as a turban, I almost wish I had a few other colors to work with!

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