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Stepping Into Spring

Still going through the late winter/early spring post backlog, folks. And still sticking with the pink theme! My friend Sara (@iliveinmylab on instagram) decided she had too many pink 1940s suits and that since this one had a bit of alteration needed to make it work well, she would sell it to me.

I do have more work to do on this suit to make it really wearable — the first step was removing the hideous 1980s buttons that somebody had put on it (they were so bad) and replacing them with something a bit more pedestrian. I’m not entirely sure that this suit is right for my figure, but I’ll see what happens if I let out the rest of the skirt hem and perhaps take in the waist just a nip before giving up on it!

Hopefully I can make it work, I love the detail at the bust and it’s almost exactly the same shade of pink as this hat… fingers crossed!

I also picked up a pair of the What Katie Did retro seam stockings in green over the winter. I thought they’d be a good match with my shoes and blouse with this suit. I love the look of seamed stockings, but I’m always hesitant to wear them with my vintage clothing because I feel like seamed stockings have gotten so sexualized in the United States.

You’ve got to admit, though, they’re fun!

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