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Slated for Success

I think I’ve mentioned before that the ladies over at Modern Millie are wonderful but also somewhat evil. They know my size, what I styles I gravitate towards, and how to get in touch with me, so sometimes when they get something in that has my name all over it they’ll let me know and nine times out of ten their evil plot works because I trot right over and buy that thing.

Such was the case with this amazing suit. I saw it on Instagram, got them to send me some details, and went right on over after work to try it on and promptly purchase it.

I don’t have a lot of suits that are appropriate for warmer weather, and I particularly love that this suit has a sort of quirky cusp-of-two-styles mix of features. Big asymmetrical buttons, padded hips (yeah, really), round shoulders, and bold bell sleeves paired with… a pleated skirt? The jacket in particular looks like its design might even have been borrowed from a fancier designer… although the suit doesn’t have any surviving labels.

I’m curious if anyone can pinpoint an ad with a similar suit. I’ll have to try wearing this again styled a little more… colorfully soon, I think. I really love how this whole look came together, though, so there are several more pictures!

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