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On The Dot

This large blue felt hat is the second hat I brought back from my Busia’s collection when I visited California this spring. (See the other hat here)

Navy is one of those colors I keep accidentally acquiring and then I don’t have the first idea what to wear it with, so fortunately I already had the navy dress and had recently acquired the navy shoes to go with it as well. The Re-Mix “Flora” wedges remind me a bit of cactus, which seems like a fitting nod to my grandparents’ Southern California home.

The dress is perhaps a smidgen too large, but incredibly comfortable and always a favorite for its fun polka dots made out of polka dots pattern. At some point, it was robbed of its shoulder pads, and I keep meaning to make replacements for it. I think the bodice will fall much more flatteringly if the shoulders get a little boost.

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