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Staying Casual in Saddle Shoes

Casual jeans & Pendleton 49er outfit

It’s a good thing I’m a vintage fashion blogger, because staying on top of writing about the latest trends and releases is not my forte.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), even in the vintage world there are new things, especially from reproduction brands, and although I always make sure to buy the things I want as soon as they’re released, I’m pretty terrible about writing about those in anything resembling a timely manner. Case in point: these shoes.

I actually didn’t buy the saddle shoes from Royal Vintage shoes the moment they were released—I have some sort of odd personal issue with shoes that are two-tone if one of those colors is white or if the contrast is very strong, so classic spectator shoes and saddle shoes are two styles that I generally avoid like the plague.

In spite of that, when a pair went on sale in the spring as an “imperfect”, I decided it was worth giving them a try. I figured they might be nice as a casual option to wear with jeans when I went to the lake this summer or for other lightweight outdoors activities. Of course, this also makes some assumptions about me actually wearing jeans which does not happen often and so here we are five months after I bought these and almost a year after they were originally released and I’ve only now managed to get them worn and photographed in a bloggable outfit.

I paired them with my one pair of actual vintage jeans (which just fit, fine for walking around but a little snug for sitting… it took a bit of courage to share these pictures, actually, since I never like my figure as well in pants as I do in dresses!) plus a vintage knock-off of a Pendleton 49er for a casual ensemble to go walking around a local shopping center for Pokémon Go community day.  You know, just a casual retro outing.

All in all, I thought that the shoes preformed admirably on the outing.  They were plenty comfortable for walking around, and I suppose they do go nicely with jeans, even if they are two-toned.  I still feel a little bit like they make my feet look big, but you can’t win them all.

Red chiffon scarf: Thrifted somewhere?
Red confetti lucite earrings: Antiques shop in Wisconsin
Modern embellished t-shirt: Thrifted
Vintage Pendleton 49er knock-off: Etsy
Navy blue stretch belt: Amazon
Vintage 50s jeans: From Tiddleywink Vintage on Instagram
Blue and grey socks: Jelly Rolls knit by me
Navy and white saddle shoes: Susie Classic Saddle Shoes by Royal Vintage Shoes

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