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In Which I Change My Spots

One of the vintage items that was on my wishlist for quite some time was a two-piece sweater and skirt set. Sometimes in the winter you just want to wear a full-body sweater, and look good doing it.

It took me quite a while to find something in both my size and my budget—my large hips mean finding anything with a narrow skirt that fits both my upper and lower halves is tricky.  Fortunately, knits are stretchy, and I was eventually able to snag this set in the most delightful shade of green from Lucky Dry Goods on Instagram.

I thought it would look particularly sharp paired with leopard, a print that I admittedly have never been an enormous fan of, especially not paired (as I’ve often seen it) with garish pinks.  Jewel tones, on the other hand, set it off rather nicely, and I’ve slowly come around to little touches of faux leopard in vintage looks.

I’m often rather self-conscious about my figure in more curve-hugging garments, but for a full day in the office with long commutes either way, comfort tends to win out over vanity, so wore only a slip and no shapewear under.

I wouldn’t say it’s my best angle, but I am pleased with how my hair came out, and with how shiny my freshly-polished shoes look, so I’ll swallow my pride on the rest of it.  Besides, I aim for a semblance of realism here on the blog, it wouldn’t do to photoshop my derriere into a more fashionable shape just to soothe my ego!

But let’s leave that behind us now and focus on the rest of the outfit! I’m never sure what jewelry goes with leopard, so I opted for my black-and-gold-glitter brooch from Luxulite and its matching earrings—I think they help tie the whole thing together.

And that’s all!  Is there any clothing item that you’re on the fence about, but the pros outweigh the cons?

1950s tan hat with faux leopard pom-poms: Etsy
Green sweater skirt set: @luckydrygoods
Black and gold glitter earring and brooch set: Luxulite
Faux leopard fur belt: Thrifted
Black 40s style pumps: Royal Vintage Shoes

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