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In My Easter Bonnet…

Hello hello! I realize that it’s a bit past Easter now, but despite all of my good intentions of writing this post while we were on the road it never did seem to happen. So, before any more time passes, let’s get back on this blogging wagon.

I have long been an admirer of vintage ostrich feather prints, although the vintage originals are hard to find and often prohibitively expensive. I think some of my appreciation for them can be traced to my dear friend Hannah (see example A and example B of the real deal done exceedingly well) who always looks effortlessly fabulous in a maxi dress while I always feel slightly overdressed––which is saying something for someone who is always overdressed!

Anyway, all this to say, when Trashy Diva came out with their Showgirl Royalty print I knew I was going to need to buy something to fulfill my feather dreams. Trashy Diva is still rather spendy and for me can be really hit-or-miss with the cuts and styles (necklines too plunging, hemlines too high) so I ended up going with the maxi dress despite my concerns of looking too fancy.

Of course, there’s no such thing as too fancy on Easter Sunday, so I gave the ensemble its inaugural outing on Easter, complete with a large blue felt hat that belonged to my Busia and a spray of purple flowers under the brim to brighten it up.

I also wore my blue sandals from Rocket Originals, although this picture really illustrates that hanging the dress up in the bathroom after it arrived wasn’t quite enough to get rid of all the wrinkles!

I may decide to hem the dress at some later date, but for now I’m enjoying the occasional foray into wearing long dresses and the extra twirly skirt it provides.


Blue felt hat: Belonged to my Busia
Purple flowers: La Casa de Flores
Feather print maxi dress and blouse: Trashy Diva
Blue 40s-style sandals: Rocket Originals

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