"Quick To Knit" cardigan & Millworth's Grand Canyon skirt


My name is Frances, and I grew up in sunny California… a few years ago, I moved across the country to Boston, Massachusetts, and I’m slowly adjusting to it! By day, I’m a software engineer, even though got my undergraduate degree in classical vocal performance (read: singing). In my free time, I’m keeping busy with every other creative endeavor possible, from cooking to sewing to photography to nail polish and vintage fashion, of course!

I started blogging near the end of 2010 to track my forays into nail art and help me recover from a lifetime of nervous nail biting. I’ve always loved the visual arts, so nail art was a way for me to experiment with color and design on ten small portable canvases. Since I started this blog, my collection of nail polish and nail art supplies has outgrown its original bin and taken over several larger bins.  I’ve also lost patience with waiting for nail polishes to dry and am mostly doing at-home LED gel.

In summer of 2012, I embarked on a fitness and fashion challenge hosted by Julie of Fab Gabs Vintage. I’ve always admired the styles of the past and felt somewhat uncomfortable in modern skinny jeans, and this really gave me the push I needed to embrace living in clothing I love. Plus, I got to work on eating healthy and staying fit. Win-win. Well, the habit stuck after the year was up, so I now blog primarily about vintage fashion, but nail polish posts still make an occasional appearance!
I’m also active on Facebook & Instagram, so don’t hesitate to say hello!