Jellyfish Love

A girl stands on a breakwater wearing a jellyfish-print retro sun dress and a blue fleece bolero

Greetings! I’m still up to my neck in home improvement (we have 2 more floors to do this weekend) but I figured I could take a little break and show you one of my favorite new makes. After much waffling and procrastinating, I finally decided to turn the 4 yards of jellyfish fabric (Sea Bloom in aquamarine from the Tula Pink “Zuma” collection for Free Spirit Fabrics) into a Lamour dress.

Disneyland: Novelty Print & a Fleece Bolero

I didn’t get pictures of all three of my Disneyland outfits (thanks, weather) but I did get some snaps of my second outfit in the morning while the weather was still nice and dry.

I had intentionally picked a color for my last-minute fleece bolero that would go with a few things I was planning to wear, which was a good idea because it was rather brisk our second morning.

Christmas Cardinals

Whoooo…  I… started this post, and then I got distracted, and now I’m finally publishing it.  Better late than never, right? And as far as I’m concerned, cardinals are seasonal at least into February…

Christmas Day outfit 2018

Because I cannot resist a theme or a last-minute project, I decided on the 23rd that I totally had enough time to make a new dress for Christmas. I found this cardinal print cotton by Cotton + Steel in the fabric store in the morning, and by the evening I’d managed to put together a new dress!

Merry Christmas!

2018 Christmas photo

I hope you and yours are having a wonderful holiday season. I managed to convince Doug to put on one of my novelty music sweaters for our Christmas photo this year (sadly/fortunately, the sweater is too short for him to actually wear, so it’s mine the rest of the time). We’ve sung many services, opened many presents, and eaten many treats, and I even made myself a new dress for Christmas which I’ll be sharing later in the week!