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Jellyfish Love

Greetings! I’m still up to my neck in home improvement (we have 2 more floors to do this weekend) but I figured I could take a little break and show you one of my favorite new makes. After much waffling and procrastinating, I finally decided to turn the 4 yards of jellyfish fabric (Sea Bloom…

Disneyland: Novelty Print & a Fleece Bolero

I didn’t get pictures of all three of my Disneyland outfits (thanks, weather) but I did get some snaps of my second outfit in the morning while the weather was still nice and dry. I had intentionally picked a color for my last-minute fleece bolero that would go with a few things I was planning…

Disneyland: The Peter Pan Dress

For Valentine’s Day, my husband and I decided to reprise our honeymoon trip and get the heck out of snowy icy Massachusetts for a week . Our itinerary was simple: spend some time with friends and family, go hiking, and spend a few days at the Happiest Place on Earth. disneylandoutfitsewingsimplicity 2880simplicity 3773springvacation