From the Vault: China Glaze Ruby Pumps

Why hello!  Hopefully, by the time this post goes live we will have reached our intended destination.  Unfortunately, I still have not gotten an opportunity to paint my nails (it’s shocking, I know!) but I rummaged around in my photo folder and found a few unposted pictures of one of my all-time favoriteand most difficult to photographpolishes:  China Glaze Ruby Pumps.  When I want to feel feminine and powerful, I grab this sparkle-packed red.

I’ve tried to photograph this polish for the blog a few times, but I’ve never been totally happy with my pictures… I think these are the best of all my attempts.  Which is why you have three photos here that are almost identical… but not quite.

Ruby Pumps is a rich true red jelly with bright red glitter suspended in it.  The result is a squishy finish that has a lit-from-within look, thanks to the glitter peeking out.  It does lean ever-so slightly towards the blue end of the spectrum, so ladies with warmer skin tones might want to seek out one of the many dupes to find a red with yellowish undertones.  In my swatches, I used about three coats to get complete coverage.  You’ll also need to load up on topcoatRuby Pumps dries to a somewhat gritty finish.  I used two coats of NYC Grand Central Station in my photos.  Removal isn’t too badbetter than a plain glitter, although worse than a glitter-free nail polish.  To avoid hassle, you might want to go for the foil removal method.

What do you think of Ruby Pumps?  Do you own it or one of its dupes?

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