Week 9.1: Muumuu weather

Hello and happy Wednesday.  I realize that I am supposed to be posting a weigh-in today. But… I really don’t want to.  Today I feel terribly bloated and heavy, despite eating well all week.  Since I’m a daily weigh-er, I noticed that my weight made a nice drop this weekend, but it has bounced back up.  I am grumpy.
Current Weight: 144 lbs
At Last Weigh-in: 143.8 lbs
Starting Weight: 144 lbs
Weight Loss to Date:  0 lbs
My waist size does seem to be down about an inch, from 27 inches to 26… or at least it was this weekend.  I did not measure it today, I did not think it would be encouraging.

The other reason for my low energy and bad attitude?  The weather.  I took the photos above, and was going to pretend I was sharing my pajamas and vanity desk and silly rag-curled hair, but… I would not want to deceive you.  I have been wearing my pajamas all day.  The temperatures here in California have been unreasonable (it’s supposed to be 108 at least today) and I live on the second floor, so even when I try to keep my apartment cool, the apartment below me sends all of its warmth up to keep me company.  We actually turned the oven on last night to make dinner, which might have been inadvisable.  So I am grumpy and warm and tired and sticky feeling… it is too warm.  I would be wearing even less, if it were decent, but it isn’t… so it is muumuu weather.

Ack, my facings are showing!  I need to do finishing work…

One of my “big” projects for this unpleasant weather was tracing out the pieces from an old unprinted pattern on sturdier paper so that I can start working on a new dress.   I think I may make up a draft of the bodice in the leftovers from one of my skirts, so that I can wear them together and pretend it is a dress.

Head Scarf: From my mother (thanks, Mom!)
Dress: Butterick 7139, as seen before here with a belt
Bangle: Article Consignment
Less whiny posts soon, once I have found better air conditioning.

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