Week 14.2 & .3: Getting back on the bandwagon

First things first:  We are done painting!   It’s a very exciting day.  The painting process was pretty exhausting and all-encompassing, and it really does help to have it done.  I was so excited to not be painting that I actually curled my hair!

And did a happy dance of celebration, whee!  I went out with Doug to do a little personal shopping for my mother, who absolutely hates to shop even under the best of circumstances.  We grabbed coffee and walked around the mall for a while, which was depressingly overpriced and under-stocked.  Do you know what you can’t find in a shopping mall?  A reasonably styled priced black dress.  And don’t even get me started on the inflation of vanity sizes… My mother is about the same size I am, although a couple inches shorter, and was a size 8 the last time she checked.  At one store, the saleswoman said she was either a size 2 or 4, and at another the saleslady looked at me as though I’d said my mother was a small blimp and directed me towards the size 0 dresses.  ZERO!
After we struck out there, Doug and I resorted to the more familiar shopping grounds of Ross and Target, where we managed to score two great (and relatively timeless) outfits for her to the tune of about $100.  Victory!

Black & White Rayon Dress: Goodwill
Rose Hair Clip: Icing
Red & Black Lucite Necklace: Vintage, originally my Great-Grandmother’s.  Once upon a time there were actually three strands, but over my childhood the necklace broke a number of times and beads were lost.  I was able to restring it as a two-stranded necklace eventually.
Red & Black Bangles: Goodwills
Red Sofft T-Strap Pumps: Goodwill
Red Daisy Purse: Vera Bradley (Thanks, Aunt Sue!)

Now, about that bandwagon.  Doug and I have fallen off pretty badly the last few weeks… fallen off, gotten lost on the side of the road, realized that the bandwagon had made it another 30 miles before anyone realized we were gone, and had to hitch-hike our way back to the bandwagon because were too out of shape to run to catch up with it.
But we’ve gotten back on now.  Eating real food, making real grocery lists, coming up with a plan for shopping so we don’t go to the store 4 times a week… all that good stuff.  We walked to the store for a few dinner ingredients we were missing, and then we came home and did three POP pilates videos.

We intend on keeping it up.

Black Tank Top: Aeropostale
Black Sports Bra: Target
Black & Purple Yoga Capris: JC Penney
Nike Socks: Uh, don’t remember.
Black & Purple New Balance 310s: Sports Authority
Little Floral Purse: also from Vera Bradley (Thanks again, Aunt Sue!)
Whew, that was a lot of text!  If you managed to slog through it all, thanks so much for reading.  Some days I think I’m typing into the abyss.
Nail polish pictures to come soon.

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